Kylian Mbappe bids farewell to PSG after 7 years together

After 7 years of history between PSG and Kylian Mbappe, their story comes to an end with a message dedicated by Mbappe to the Parisian fans
Officially | Kylian Mbappé bids farewell to PSG after 7 years together!
Officially | Kylian Mbappé bids farewell to PSG after 7 years together! / Xavier Laine/GettyImages

Kylian Mbappe has spent the past few years living a story with PSG, where his trophy cabinet and legacy in Paris will be one of the greatest in the club's history. Additionally, his message is a thank you to the club and the fans for all these years of support.

Unfortunately for Mbappe and PSG, they did not manage to achieve the club's most cherished goal, as the Champions League remains a dream for the Parisians, and for Kylian, it will be the pursuit of this elsewhere.

As the all-time leading scorer for Paris Saint-Germain with 255 goals (with 4 matches remaining in the season), Mbappe bids farewell to the club, also securing a historic trophy haul in his career, including Ligue 1 (6), French Cup (3), French Super Cup (5), and French League Cup (2), making him one of PSG's most successful players.

At the time of departure, Mbappe's destination is still unknown and expected to be revealed after his final match with PSG on May 25th in the French Cup final, but his path appears to be leading to Real Madrid in Spain.

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For Parisians, Mbappe's departure will be a tough loss. With 43 goals this season, the Bondy-born player has made a remarkable contribution.

However, PSG will seek a rebuilding phase with less ego on the bench, focusing more on collective rather than individual efforts, as has been the case in recent years.

Seven years conclude in a tale of many joys for Paris Saint-Germain. Still, the memory of one of football's greatest players passing through the club and leaving his legacy will be remembered as the ultimate legend of the club, Kylian Mbappe.