Kylian Mbappe alludes to his future at a press conference


The captain of the French National Team, Kylian Mbappe, was at the center of attention on Friday, November 17, during his press appearance ahead of the France versus Gibraltar match on November 18. However, the focus quickly shifted from match preparations to the topic of his professional future.

The uncertainty about where Mbappe will play next season has been a recurring theme in the football world. The forward has kept fans and the press in suspense regarding his stay at Paris Saint-Germain or a potential move to another renowned club.

When asked about his future during the press conference, Mbappe maintained his characteristic composure and calmly responded, "I am here as captain of the French national team and to answer questions about the team. If you want an answer about my future, come to the Campus PSG and ask me."

Mbappe's response, while not providing details about his future intentions, reflected his focus on his current commitment to the National Team and his desire not to be distracted by personal matters during this crucial period of matches.

This comment only adds fuel to the speculation surrounding his future at PSG. Rumors about potential offers from other European clubs have persisted, keeping football fans on edge and club officials in constant anticipation.