Kheira Hamraoui sounds off on PSG before leaving Paris

Kheira Hamraoui, PSG Feminine
Kheira Hamraoui, PSG Feminine / ANP/GettyImages

Paris Saint-Germain's Kheira Hamraoui confirmed her departure from the club in her latest social media post earlier this week, sounding off on PSG.

The French player had much to say about her time at the club, and it was definitely not a loving, heartfelt goodbye.

What was said by Hamraoui?

Hamraoui's published a post on her personal Instagram account including a video that pretty much captures her whole journey in Paris, both highs and lows.

Kheira is officially leaving PSG after joining the side just two years ago. Her contract will end by the end of June, and by the sounds of it, a renewal was never going to be possible to be reached between her and the French club.

In her farewell post, she wrote, "This page that has been the most painful of my entire career is turning today," adding, "Despite two years of hell storming at a club that abandoned me and did everything to get me out, I managed to cope with the pressure on a daily basis."

These words will be linked to a situation she faced when she joined with a former teammate off the field. It was a difficult time for her, but now as she leaves, Hamraoui claims the club did not support or help her during this time.

The incident that led to Hamraoui's words was due to an attack she faced in 2021. She was with former PSG player Aminta Diallo, who was driving her home after a club dinner, and was witness to the whole ordeal.

The attack took place then and there, and it was said that Diallo set the attack on Hamraoui up due to losing playing time since Hamraoui's arrival.

Diallo was charged, and Hamraoui was sidelined for months.

She also mentioned that she promised herself that she would honour her contract until the end, and she believes she did that with pride and courage.

In the second portion of the post, the midfielder thanked some people who she was involved with during her time at the club "I want to thank people of the club who have been kind to me and my coaches who still allowed me to play, despite the pressure in and out the club."

She feels like she was able to restore the truth and support of those mentioned.

In her final words, Hamraoui wrote, "There are still good people in the world of bullies, and I leave this club not with sadness but pride. Forever Paris Saint-Germain."

Quite the statement by Hamraoui. We know her first season at the club was far from usual, and it looks like that pretty much defined the rest of her tenure at PSG.

Disappointing the club and player's time together was mostly centered around drama.

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Where Hamraoui will be playing next season is unknown as there hasn't been anything regarding the situation.

We wish Hamraoui good luck with her upcoming future.