Juventus player expected back at PSG next season

Angel Di Maria, Leando Paredes, PSG, Juventus
Angel Di Maria, Leando Paredes, PSG, Juventus / Marco Canoniero/GettyImages

According to the Italian newspaper Gazzetta dello Sport, a fight in the locker room between the manager of Juventus and one of his players will see a World Cup champion return to PSG next season, following the events that happened during a training session on Monday.

The information revealed by the outlet talks about a "heated argument" between Massimiliano Allegri and PSG loanee Leandro Paredes.

The Argentina international, who joined Juventus on loan last summer, could turn his loan into a full-time pact with Juventus thanks to an optional-purchase clause baked into his current deal, but this development pretty much sealed his return to Paris next summer.

Leandro Paredes is the man blamed by Gazzetta as the instigator of the argument. The outlet reports that there were 3,000 fans present at the training ground watching Juventus for their Easter Monday session (a tradition for the club) and that Paredes was "agitated and nervous" through the morning.

Leandro Paredes "heated argument" with Max Allegri sealed his return to Paris next summer

According to the outlet, Paredes returned to the locker room "with a brisk pace" and "everything but smiling" preceding coach Allegri. It's believed that the player and the manager reserved their "words" to be exchanged inside the locker room because of the presence of supporters at the training ground, thus avoiding generating any bigger drama.

Paredes ultimately skipped the team lunch scheduled for Easter Monday after having a "heated argument" with the coach "in front of a large part of the team," reports Gazzetta.

The Argentina international was already expected to return to PSG at the end of the season considering his minimal role for the Italy Serie A side, but this news pretty much sealed the deal and confirmed the future of Paredes away from Turin.

Still 28 years old, though, Paredes should still find a place at PSG or elsewhere if the club from the French capital decides to move on and sell him. Paredes was highly coveted by Juventus last summer but they eventually realized the South American might not be as good for them as they thought he would be.

The fact that Juventus crashed out of the Champions League in the early group stage meant that the Italian side automatically voided the must-buy clause attached to Paredes' loan.

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Now, everything points toward the decision of letting Paredes return to PSG next summer with Juventus getting rid of him at the earliest possible moment to avoid more headaches.