Juventus' bid to reinforce with PSG midfielder

Juventus FC logo seen inside Allianz Stadium during the 2023...
Juventus FC logo seen inside Allianz Stadium during the 2023... / SOPA Images/GettyImages

PSG midfielder Fabian Ruiz had one of his agents traveling to Italy to explore the prospect of the player getting sold to Juventus. Currently, the Spanish midfielder occupies a secondary role in Paris Saint-Germain's squad.

Despite participating in 13 matches this season, Ruiz does not hold a pivotal position within the team, having started in just 5 out of the 12 Ligue 1 fixtures and not making the initial eleven in any of the four Champions League games.

Juventus perceives an opportunity to fortify its midfield and has expressed interest in securing Ruiz on loan, viewing him as a capable option to compensate for the absence of Paul Pogba.

As reported by Tuttosport, the negotiation process would encompass discussions regarding Ruiz's salary, which currently stands at an unreachable 6 million euros for Juventus. Beyond his skill set, Ruiz's prior success in Serie A with Napoli adds to his allure for the Italian team.

The negotiations have raised questions about how Juventus plans to manage Ruiz's salary, considering the current financial constraints of the Italian side and Ruiz's demands based on his current wages.

Ruiz, having previously showcased his abilities in Serie A during his tenure with Napoli, has nonetheless emerged as an appealing prospect for Juventus's midfield as they seek to strengthen their squad, particularly in that area.

The potential move comes as an interesting strategic decision by Juventus to leverage Ruiz's talent and experience, tapping into his familiarity with Serie A dynamics as he's already accustomed to the Italian style of play.