Hugo Lloris has told Tottenham he wants out. Will PSG try to sign him?

Hugo Lloris, PSG, Tottenham
Hugo Lloris, PSG, Tottenham / Alex Livesey/GettyImages

As expected, Hugo Lloris has communicated his intentions of exiting Tottenham to his bosses in London. With PSG looking to add a reserve goalie to their squad, could the French club try to steal the Spurs goalie to bolster their goalkeeper rotation?

The France international goalkeeper, although not at his peak anymore, is still highly coveted and rated across the European football landscape. Now that he has made his goal of leaving Tottenham official, he has the chance of coming back home to his native country by signing with PSG if the club is really interested in acquiring the veteran goalie.

New Tottenham manager Ange Postecoglou revealed in a recent press conference that Lloris has "expressed his hope of securing a transfer elsewhere to continue playing and embark on the next phase of his career," as quoted by Foot Mercato.

The outlet adds the interactions between player and coach (who just arrived in London a few days ago) have been "limited to a few discussions," with Postecoglou acknowledging Lloris as not only an "exceptional goalkeeper" but also an "outstanding individual," seemingly trying to convince the Frenchman to stay put in London.

Following Sergio Rico's unfortunate injury and the more than probable departure of Keylor Navas from Paris, PSG are in need of a reliable backup for Gianluigi Donnarumma. According to sources, Luis Enrique "wants to recruit a top-tier second-choice goalkeeper who can provide healthy competition" for the Italian international.

Among the names under consideration, Hugo Lloris has emerged as a strong contender, although it remains to be seen if Enrique would risk creating any controversy by bringing such a high-profile GK2 instead of a lower-level option leaving Gigio as the clear-cut starter without questions about it.

Lloris has a year left on his contract at Tottenham, running through June 2024, so it would make sense for the London club to sell their keeper now for a fee, even if it's a low one, rather than losing him for nothing next summer.

In addition to PSG, there have been reports linking Hugo Lloris to Inter Milan (who are set to sell their main goalkeeper to Manchester United and have no alternative option currently rostered) and potential opportunities in Saudi Arabia.

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