Goncalo Ramos, the goal-scoring guarantee for PSG

With a level that has improved throughout this season, the Portuguese player is demonstrating his potential as a goal scorer
Gonçalo Ramos: The Goal-Scoring Guarantee for PSG
Gonçalo Ramos: The Goal-Scoring Guarantee for PSG / Eurasia Sport Images/GettyImages

In the summer transfer market of 2023, PSG bet on one of the top scorers who was making waves in Europe.

Although Gonçalo Ramos at Benfica had been one of the top scorers in the 2022/23 season, where he scored 27 goals and provided 5 assists in 47 games, he was an important revelation that the Parisians wanted to acquire.

At just 22 years old, Ramos was signed by PSG in the search for a center forward that would provide the assurance of having a natural goal scorer in the squad. However, his start at the Parisian club was somewhat negative, with much uncertainty due to his price and the level he offered at the beginning of the season.

Goncalo Ramos' statistics in his first season at PSG

For Gonçalo Ramos, the passage of time was important, as Luis Enrique's rotations allowed him to play important minutes in each game. At this point in the season, the forward has played 36 games, starting in only 18 of them. Ramos has contributed with 14 goals and one assist in these matches, being a fundamental piece for PSG, mainly coming off the bench.

This first season for the Portuguese player is proving to be quite positive, where the forward has also found a very important role as a natural striker in the box. The support from wingers on each flank allows him the freedom in the center of the field to create a highly dangerous offensive threat for the opponent.

Ramos's future within PSG is promising, and at just 22 years old, it is expected that the forward can establish himself within the Parisian team and that in the next season, he will get more playing time, becoming the starting striker in Luis Enrique's team.