Gianluigi Donnarumma: "We have to work"


PSG couldn't defeat OM in a Coupe Classique that has been 11 years in the making in terms of a victory by Marseille. Paris Saint-Germain ended up crashing out of the French Cup with a 2-1 loss to Marseille on the road and right after the game goalkeeper Gianluigi Donnarumma joined Marquinhos on the sidelines to address some questions from the media.

Here are the words (h/t Le Parisien) shared by the new and undisputed GK1 of Paris Saint-Germain, Gianluigi Donnaruma, after his team fell 2-1 to Marseille in the French Cup Round of 16.

Asked about the difficulty of facing a strong OM team in the French Cup Round of 16...

"We knew their strengths and it was the game we expected. [Marseille] are a very aggressive team that puts pressure from high positions. The details make the difference. We are disappointed, and we are angry because we wanted (to win) this competition. We are disappointed for our supporters, who wanted this trophy as much as we did. Now we have to raise our heads and think about the match against Monaco this Saturday."

About whether or not pressuring PSG is the secreat to beating them...

"We knew that they would put as much intensity as possible and that they would mark our players individually, with a lot of 1v1 matchups. It was very difficult (for PSG). We had prepared well all week and we knew they were going to play like that, but even then we had a hard time and it is difficult to hold the ball (against OM). It's one of the main things to accomplish when you find yourself facing a team that plays like that. In the second half, though, we managed to play better but we couldn't make a difference in the scoreboard."

About the presence of worries getting into the match against Bayern Munich...

"Yes (there are worries). Each game has its story. For the moment, we have to prepare well for the match against Monaco (next Saturday) and then we can think about Bayern, but each match has a different story. We know that we are going to prepare thoroughly for the Champions League nonetheless. We are holding on to it, and we will do everything to advance past this round."

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About what has changed after the break compared to the great first part of the season...

"We have had difficulties but we have champions (as in players who have won trophies) who are able to lift the team. And they will. We struggled in the first half (of this game against OM). We have to work."