Gianluigi Donnarumma comments on his complicated return to San Siro

AC Milan v Paris Saint-Germain: Group F - UEFA Champions League 2023/24
AC Milan v Paris Saint-Germain: Group F - UEFA Champions League 2023/24 / Marco Luzzani/GettyImages

In addition to the defeat against AC Milan (2-1), Gianluigi Donnarumma encountered a highly unusual reception from the local fans at San Siro last week. The Italian goalkeeper for PSG addressed this episode during an event in Italy.

As Luis Enrique pointed out before the clash between Milan and PSG, "In football, it's something that is often seen." When asked about the anticipated hostile return of Gianluigi Donnarumma to San Siro during a press conference, the Spanish coach downplayed the matter, likely aiming to alleviate some pressure on the shoulders of his 24-year-old goalkeeper.

As expected and as announced on social media, Milan's Tifosi sought to emphasize the situation by showering the field with hundreds of "Dollarumma" bills, fake currency featuring Gianluigi Donnarumma's portrait and the word "Mercenary," as the Italian goalkeeper stepped onto the pitch. A gesture that was ignored by the protagonist at that moment.

Having remained silent on the matter until now, Donnarumma addressed this episode during the "Hall of Fame del calcio italiano," an event held in Florence on the history of Italian football.

"It wasn't easy in October 2021 (when Donnarumma returned to San Siro for the first time in a match between Italy and Spain), and it wasn't easy this time," commented the goalkeeper of the Squadra Azzurra.

"On the field, you try not to be distracted by anything, giving your all for the team. Certainly, after the match, you feel it more and let your emotions out. But on the field, you try not to be affected. From that perspective, I've made a lot of progress," added the former Milan player, visibly affected but content to have overcome the situation during the match.

As a reminder, Milan's Tifosi reproached him, among other things, for leaving the Lombard club in 2021 to join PSG, a Qatari-affiliated club associated with wealth.

Recently, his agent, Vincenzo Raiola, decided to clarify the situation, stating that the sole culprits in this matter were the Rossoneri leaders of the time, who, according to him, had prepared for his replacement behind his back.