Galtier after win over Nice: "Not great football, but it gives us the best chance of winning"

Christophe Galtier, PSG
Christophe Galtier, PSG / CHRISTOPHE SIMON/GettyImages

After losing their prior two games, PSG went on the road to face Nice as part of the 30th matchday of the Ligue 1 season and came back to Paris with a 2-0 victory in the bag.

Paris Saint-Germain finally broke for a goal after failing to score in their last two matches at the Parc des Princes, and the visit to the Allianz Riviera fixed their goalscoring woes with Lionel Messi and Sergio Ramos scoring once each.

Galtier, managing under heavy pressure, lived to see another day as the head coach of PSG. The truth is, this victory earned him more than three-quarters of the Ligue 1 championship considering his team is now six points clear of second-place Lens with a title-deciding matchup between both teams next weekend. It's now fair to assume he'll remain at the post until June barring a catastrophe.

The coach of PSG, Christophe Galtier, addressed the media after finally winning a game, this time against Nice and on the road, in his post-game press conference. Here are the most interesting thoughts he shared.

Can you explain to us your reaction at the end of the match in front of the Nice supporters?

"Did you see that? Did you hear it? Mom is 83 years old, she is coming out of cancer. If these people in the stands are able to watch European-level games, it's thanks to my work last season. Whatever people think, it's our work from last season, along with the work of Didier Digard, that there are still European-level games being played in Nice."

Do you have the feeling to have found a little air after this victory?

"It was important to win after Lens' victory and our two previous underperformances. I had asked my players to be compact and to change their style of play to be more solid. They put in a lot of effort and they worked together. I saw a lot of balance. It took great goalkeeping, Gigio was very good. Sergio Ramos' presence gave us a footing too. With all the hubbub around me and in Paris, it was important to win and show up in good conditions against Lens (next weekend)."

What words do you have to describe Donnarumma's game?

"I congratulated him. He was decisive in a lot of situations. He made seven saves. He is in his role, even if he has been under enormous demand. He was congratulated by the staff, by myself, and his partners."

How do you explain the bad form of Mbappe?

"Kylian played his 51st or 52nd game of the season tonight. It is normal to have a slump. Yesterday, he shortened the session and he was very uncertain to play. I think he played not fully fit but he wanted to be on the pitch in a difficult moment (for PSG). It shows a state of mind. He didn't have an easy game. This morning we did not yet know if he was going to start the match. He had this desire and this determination to do so, it's a strong sign for the team."

Why is being a PSG coach so complicated?

"When you have all your players available, things seem simpler, you have the possibility to rotate. When the squad weakens, things get complicated because there is a lot of pressure around the coach. I have committed players. We're having a hard time, we've had a hard time. You have to support the players. They are competitors. You have to talk a lot with them and give them direction. We played differently tonight, it was not great football but we had to convince them to play this football to give themselves the best chance of winning."

How do you maintain this momentum?

"You have to recover already. We lost Renato Sanches tonight. I hope we can have Marco Verratti and Juan Bernat (available soon). Nuno Mendes felt fatigued. You have to try to find freshness but also rely on a proper state of mind and determination. Going for a title is never easy. Everyone is fighting. We have difficult moments because there is a state of fatigue."

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"We will manage our week of training as well as possible to arrive fresh and determined at the game against Lens."