Former PSG man Julian Draxler leaves game before final whistle without reason

Al Ahli v Qatar SC - EXPO Stars League
Al Ahli v Qatar SC - EXPO Stars League / Mohamed Farag/GettyImages

Former PSG player Julian Draxler, now with Al-Ahli in Qatar, has recently become the center of attention for an unusual incident during a match against Qatar SC.

Despite finding playing time and contributing two assists in his early matches with the Qatari club, Draxler's abrupt departure from the field in the dying minutes of the game has left many puzzled as nobody seems to know the reasons for his abrupt exit.

Having transferred from PSG to Al-Ahli last September, the 30-year-old German showcased his prowess by scoring a double in the recent match against Qatar SC, entering the game at halftime. However, in an unexpected turn of events, Draxler left the pitch without any apparent reason just four minutes before the final whistle, even as his team trailed 4-2.

Images circulated by Qatari media depicted Draxler making a back pass along the touchline before swiftly heading toward the locker room without acknowledging anyone. The reasons behind this sudden exit remain unknown.

Speculation surrounds the incident, obviously, with some suggesting a possible injury or exhaustion due to numerous changes made by the Al-Ahli team leaving the midfielder without a chance of getting replaced himself.

Others characterize the event as "unprecedented" and criticize Draxler's behavior as a "lack of respect," raising questions about whether such actions would have occurred if he were still playing in Europe.

For now, neither the club nor Julian Draxler has offered any official response to this unexpected and bizarre turn of events.