Edouard Michut: "It was my decision to leave Sunderland"

Edouard Michut, Sunderland, PSG
Edouard Michut, Sunderland, PSG / Clive Mason/GettyImages

PSG midfielder Edouard Michut just completed a loan spell at English Championship side Sunderland a few days ago with the second-tier team's season coming to an end once and for all.

Michut is expected back at PSG this summer after he decided to not agree to terms with the British organization, although it isn't clear if he will remain in Paris for the long run or if Paris Saint-Germain will try to look for another loan or to sell the youngster to an interested suitor.

The midfielder revealed in an interview to L'Equipe that the decision not to stay in England was made by himself and not the English club, which in fact offered him a deal to stay in the British islands.

The 20-year-old midfielder is set to seek a new club this summer unless PSG decide to keep him in tow, which would be rather surprising.

Michut's stint at Sunderland concluded a few days ago completing a successful season in the physically demanding English Championship (second division). He featured in 28 games and now aims to build on this experience by finding a new club next season, as PSG are not expected to use him.

In a personal interview after leaving Sunderland, Michut shed light on the reasons behind his decision: "The club offered me the opportunity to stay. However, it was my choice to leave Sunderland. We couldn't reach an agreement on certain contractual aspects. There were also concerns about the playing style, which didn't suit me."

Michut explained that he is "the kind of player who likes to have between 80 and 100 touches per game, but in this system, I was limited to 50-60 touches at most," reasoning that the style of play used by Sunderland doesn't entirely fit his own style and demands. "I'm grateful to the president for understanding and respecting my decision not to stay," he finished.

Edouard Michut also said that after spending time in England playing senior-level football and starting games at a top-tier competition, he expects to return to the first team of PSG and "to train with them again." Of course, he knows that might be hard getting into next season, saying that if that wasn't the case, then he'd understand that "it's football, and that's how it goes. There's nothing I can do about it."

Michut said that a few months ago, "the only solution was to leave in order to play as many matches as possible," and that he has "no regrets about that."

"I'm very satisfied to have experienced another country and culture," Michut continued. "The club kept in touch sporadically through text messages, and Pasquale Sensibile (who oversees PSG loanees playing abroad) visited me once in England."

Michut, who belongs to the 2003 generation, is expected to seek a new club this summer with PSG minimally interested in keeping him in their first-team squad. Fulham is reportedly one of the interested clubs in acquiring the midfielder ahead of next season.

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"I'm preparing for all possibilities," Michut said. "My goal is to continue growing and find the project that suits me best," making it clear that he wouldn't mind leaving PSG once again--and perhaps forever--this summer.