Completion of PSG Campus stadium delayed as construction stalls

Paris Saint-Germain new training center presentation
Paris Saint-Germain new training center presentation / Anadolu Agency/GettyImages

Despite the PSG Campus serving as the current training ground for the club under Luis Enrique, the full transition of the entire club, including the women's team and the training center, to Poissy remains pending.

While an inauguration for the new Rouge et Bleu training center is scheduled for spring 2024, the completion of the stadium, the most important part of the venue, is facing serious construction delays.

The PSG Campus, despite accommodating the main squad of PSG already, is yet to welcome the women's team and the youth players from the training and pre-training academies. The inauguration, initially slated for this fall, is now delayed for the spring of 2024.

However, the construction of the stadium, a key element of the Poissy sports complex, is stumbling upon more obstacles than expected. Despite a building permit already submitted by the Ile-de-France club, the stadium's construction is reportedly on hold, according to Le Parisien.

In June 2023, PSG outlined a "second phase" for the multisport spaces and the stadium, aiming for the completion of these facilities by 2024. Recent indications suggest that a gymnasium and a dojo will materialize ahead of the Poissy stadium, for which no clear timeline has been established.

The new stadium is designed to accommodate 5,000 persons, including 3,000 seated.

Doubts about the project's timeline emerged in December 2022, and PSG's decision to maintain the Camp of the Loges in Saint-Germain-en-Laye raises questions about the new Poissy stadium's tardy progress.

It's worth noting that this Poissy stadium is distinct from a potential new stadium getting build to host the first team of PSG, which will not be located in Poissy in any scenario.