Brest vs. PSG: Christophe Galtier pre-match press conference

Christophe Galtier, PSG
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Marquinhos, Christophe Galtier
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Between the carnage of injured and the elimination of Wednesday, how do you feel?

"On a personal level, I already vented the disappointment. Obviously, I was very affected on Wednesday evening and again yesterday morning. But I started to work on the Brest match with my staff, and we have moved on."

"Admittedly, there are a lot of injuries, but in mid-March, I have some players who are today at 45 games played, it's huge. It's normal for them to experience soreness. We know it's going to be a difficult game, and Brest think they have an opportunity because they think we're tired, disappointed, and weak. But the PSG team that will start will be very competitive and we will have the ambition to win in Brest."

Are you worried that out-of-contract players like Ramos or Messi will be less focused through the remainder of the season?

"No, I have no doubt about the ability of these two very great players. They know these situations, and how to respond. They have already won this trophy but they have also experienced eliminations. They are very high-level players who move quickly from one game to another."

Did you talk to Marco Verratti about the mistake leading to Bayern's goal?

"I don't blame Marco. We both talked about it this morning. He finds himself in a big mess in the middle of four players. Maybe there was something else to do, but Marco is one of the players who touches the most balls, he has this style of play, and that's how it is. On top of that, there is this very good pressing from Bayern. We also did it at times but it did not work for us. But Marco was very good, he is one of those great players who manage to go from a great disappointment to a great motivation, even more with the Ligue 1 on the line."

You have sometimes pointed out the mistakes of the youngest since the start of the season, like Bitshiabu's last Wednesday...

"No! I regretted that he did not play that a little longer (instead of passing it to Verratti). But at 17, having this calmness and reading the game is not easy. I did not point out El Chadaille. I simply said and I spoke about it with Marco (Verratti), the risk-taking inside the box, it is very dangerous."

How do you build confidence in young people in confidence?

"We are always talking. When you are young, you automatically make mistakes. I remember El Chadaille (Bitshiabu) and his match in Monaco which got off to a very bad start. I told him to prepare better. We talked, and we also worked with video, and whatever we can discuss at any moment. We work a lot in the video, either individually or collectively, or by game sector. I'm telling you this because I saw some explaining that we weren't using debriefing or video analysis enough. For those who talk like that, it would be better to find out about what I have been doing in my job for 14 or 15 years. We accompany the youngsters, we advise them, we show and we make sure that they don't make the same mistakes again. To go back to the beginning of your question, I did not point to El Chadaille, I simply told him that in this situation, we are under a lot of pressure from Bayern Munich, so it would have been better to get the ball out. Afterward, the ball comes back inside, there is good pressure from Bayern on Marco (Verratti) and he could have been more vigilant."

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How will you convince Mbappe that the PSG project is still the right one for him?

"I don't have to convince Kylian of anything. Like each of the players in the squad, he was disappointed on Wednesday night but Kylian is a PSG player, he shows it, and he says it regularly. Mbappe has a great determination to lead the club to success."