Brest 1-2 PSG: Individual Grades of the Paris Saint-Germain players

Lionel Messi, Kylian Mbappe, PSG
Lionel Messi, Kylian Mbappe, PSG / LOIC VENANCE/GettyImages
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Warren Zaire-Emery, Carlos Soler, PSG / FRED TANNEAU/GettyImages

Brest vs PSG - Grades: Midfielders

4 - Zaire-Emery: I can't give him a pass because he was absolutely lost at times, even during the good first 20 minutes put together by PSG to start the game. He grew with the match, though, and although he never found quite the breaking pass or anything of the like, he still delivered some solid passes in depth to his teammates. Please, PSG, stay patient with this guy and let him grow in Paris. No pressure, no diamonds. A gem in the making.

2 - Verratti: Zaire-Emery was a bit lost on Brest's lawn but at least he can say he's just turned 17 years old and is getting his first reps as a pro. Verratti was an absolute disaster for someone with his experience and what is demanded from him. The Italy international did nothing to help PSG find a way to break their opponent's low block and looked like he was giving little to no damn at all about the match.

4 - Ruiz: Costco Danilo (only higher up the pitch and less decisive.) Ruiz had another solid outing but he is most definitely not a player for this team, nor for creating anything out of the blue at least in the role and under the demands of Galtier. The unforced errors always pop up, which he should have already fixed at this point playing at 27 years of age in a month...

6 - Soler: Not sure if yesterday's was Soler's best game since he arrived at PSG, but must have been as close to that as it gets. He was active and promising in Neymar's usual role, kept the ball moving, scored right before halftime, and showed Galtier that he is the one he should use going forward instead of inventing crap with Ekitike. Not that he's much better than the French youngster, but what can you ask for...

4 - Vitinha: Wouldn't know he played even though he was there for more than 15 minutes. Gets downgraded a bit precisely because of that.

NR - Renato Sanches: Why he got into the pitch with three minutes left, the score still at a 1-1 stalemate, and returning from injury... nobody knows.