Brest 1-2 PSG: Galtier, "satisfied" with PSG's "four wins in a row"

Christophe Galtier, PSG
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Kylian Mbappe, PSG / LOIC VENANCE/GettyImages

This victory took a long time to arrive…

"Yes. Obviously, in the scenario, it may seem harsh for Brest. We had a big first half hour, where we could have scored a second goal. But both in the first half hour and in the second half when the match was much more open, we had favorable situations. I think our victory is deserved given the number of chances. Obviously, this victory comes three days after Munich. It was necessary to mobilize everyone, all the sectors to say that there was a very important objective: to get this 11th title of champions of France. If we can get it, that would be a record. Our supporters were everywhere despite the disappointment on Wednesday. We shouldn't give up on them. It's normal that in this match, there were a few times when we seemed less well, but there is fatigue. The team reacted well."

Did you feel any irascibility in your players?

"On the day after Munich, of course, it was difficult. On Friday, the players spoke a lot among themselves, and I spoke with my group too. During this trip to Brest, I felt everybody was focused, seeking victory after that huge disappointment. There was fatigue, we had to make changes. I didn't feel any spleen or that the team seemed to let go. But from what I could see on Friday and today, I was confident about our ability to come to Brest and win to continue pushing. I say it very often: there are points still to earn head, and we have to get them."

Mbappe was annoyed during the match and had an ugly reaction late. Did you feel frustrated?

"I have not reviewed the images. Kylian had two or three situations where he could have scored. We had situations where we could have scored. The team wanted to win. It's not related to Wednesday's loss. They had a big craving."

Do you feel relieved after this victory?

"There is never an easy game. I insist: everyone will boil it down to the goal in the 92nd minute, but we shot 17 times on goal, and we hit the crossbar... I am convinced that the victory is deserved. Is this a relief? No. We have four wins in a row. I am satisfied."

Were you surprised by the reception of your supporters?

"No doubts about the support of the fans. They are very present. At the end of the match in Lille they pushed a lot. They were present in Munich. We can be blamed for certain things, but since the start of the season, the players are fighting, they are serious. There is always this desire to win matches."