Bradley Barcola's rise earns plaudits at PSG

PSG vs OM: French Ligue 1
PSG vs OM: French Ligue 1 / Anadolu Agency/GettyImages

In the recent clash against Marseille, Bradley Barcola, thrust into the limelight by Luis Enrique, showcased an impressive performance on the field. This success only validates the positive sentiment resonating internally about the 21-year-old striker according to sources in the known about the inner workings of the club.

Luis Enrique has been showering Bradley Barcola with flowers since the arrival of the youngster in Paris. The Spanish manager, particularly buoyant after the PSG victory over OM last week (4-0), expressed optimism about Barcola's growing role in the team.

According to Enrique, "Bradley Barcola is a player for the future but also for the present."

Enrique highlighted Barcola's impressive attributes, saying "Bradley has been with us for two or three weeks [but] despite the short time, he demonstrates that he already brings a lot to PSG, showcasing excellent dribbling skills, spatial awareness, a powerful shot, and a robust physique."

Barcola's fearless approach, evident in his initial outings against Lyon and Marseille, showcases a player unafraid to challenge the ball and unsettle opponents with never-ending pressure.

Despite the challenges that come with adapting to Parisian life, Barcola, known for his professionalism and work ethic even at his young age, remains grounded.

A source close to the player attributes this to his career, stating, "He is a true professional who gives himself the means to succeed and has always had to work to achieve what he deserves," wrote Le Parisien.

The positive sentiment towards Barcola extends beyond Enrique's public endorsements, with internal sources affirming unanimous approval of the young striker at all levels even before his arrival in Paris.

Thierry Henry, the new coach of the Espoirs France U21, recently acknowledged the appeal of the young attacker's profile too.