Bradley Barcola, after his first start with PSG: “I will never forget it”

PSG vs OM: French Ligue 1
PSG vs OM: French Ligue 1 / Anadolu Agency/GettyImages

Starter during PSG vs. Marseille (4-0), Bradley Barcola was present in the mixed zone. The Parisian striker enjoyed his first start and explained how good he feels in this team.

You received a standing ovation when you came out. Did you personally expect such a successful evening?

“Yes, I expected it, but I didn't know it would happen. When I found out I was going to start, I jumped right into my game. I knew I had a lot to prove when I got here. “I think I was able to show some good things tonight, I'm very happy.”

First game and a 4-0 in Paris, is it a memorable memory?

"I will never forget. Plus, it was my first start, so I'll never forget it.”

How did you know you were going to start and how did you prepare for a game like this?

“Before each game, I condition myself as if I were a starter. When we had the talk and the coach put together the team and I saw that I was a starter, I told myself it was time.”

We saw you make a lot of defensive efforts, are they instructions from the coach or the context of the game?

“No, these are the coach's instructions. He really wants us to attack a lot but also defend a lot. I respect what he says and I try to do the best I can.”

You played without complexes, it seemed like you had always been in the team even if it was your first start and even more so in Le Classique. Don't you feel pressure?

“I'm used to training with these players who have really made me feel comfortable since I arrived. I told myself I had a lot to show but they were the ones who told me to take the ball and go for it. I did what I was told and it worked well.”

Did it scare you a little when Mbappe was injured?

“Yes, we were sad for him, but from what I saw, I don't think it was very, very serious.”

Without scoring, Barcola had a pretty good first start. The French winger stood out for his good understanding with his attacking partners and made the fans forget the absence of Vitinha, without particularly assuming the same role as the Portuguese.