Bayern vs. PSG: Julian Nagelsmann pre-game press conference

FC Bayern München Training Session And Press Conference
FC Bayern München Training Session And Press Conference / Alexander Hassenstein/GettyImages
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Sergio Ramos
Sergio Ramos, PSG / Jean Catuffe/GettyImages

Is the PSG defense the team's weakness?

"I do not consider this sector as a weakness but it has some characteristics, a clear behavior in certain situations, which I do not want to reveal. We have some ideas to hurt them tomorrow."

Do you have the feeling that Kylian Mbappe's entry into the first leg also had an influence on the Bayern players?

"Obviously, his entry had an impact on PSG and also on us. He is one of the best strikers in the world, he is a dangerous weapon. Tomorrow, he will play from the start and we are preparing for it. We can't stop him every time because he is very strong but we are preparing to do so."

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Thomas Muller said that Bayern shouldn't overthink Kylian Mbappe because he's going to make something happen no matter what. Do you agree with him?

"That's all coming from Thomas... We report a lot of things on Kylian Mbappe. It's normal, in the first leg he had three opportunities. But we can't just defend against him all the time, it's too difficult."