Bayern Munich 2-0 PSG: Individual grades of the Paris Saint-Germain players

Marco Verratti, PSG
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PSG Grades: Midfielders

3 - Vitinha: Promising start, regrettably missed chance that could have changed the game and the entire future (short, mid, and long-term) of PSG, and awful finish to the game for the young Portuguese. There are flashes every game, but the overall package is still levels below what you must have on the field in a last-16 game against Bayern of all teams. Seriously, that empty-goal miss showed very, very poor judging and awareness of the situation and a weak skill set, both mental and technical.

2 - Verratti: Is Verratti done for good? Is he closer to retirement than his peak? Even if you leave the mistake leading up to Bayern's first goal aside, the performance of the Italy international was rather atrocious. This is the player that should be carrying PSG forward from the start of their play and the one tasked with applying solid pressure and making the def-to-mid unit work. He did nothing of that, at all. Crazy bad game for a man who was recently inked to a multi-year extension. Let's hope PSG learns from the mistake and doesn't re-sign Messi and Sergio Ramos next.

3 - Ruiz: The cardio he did must have felt nice because that's all Ruiz cared about doing on Wednesday. Never found his place on the pitch, wasted more possessions than you could count, and went back to his lowest point of the season akin to his first months in Paris. Just when it had started to feel like he had finally gotten into a rhythm... Ugh.

(Sub) 4 - Zaire-Emery: Got some 15 minutes of play including injury time but just couldn't do a lot in that time with PSG trailing Bayern and all hope lost. Not the best way to celebrate his 17th birthday.