Bayern Munich 2-0 PSG: Individual grades of the Paris Saint-Germain players

Marco Verratti, PSG
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Danilo Pereira
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PSG Grades: Defenders

5 - Hakimi: Don't buy the hate. He was coming off missing games, he is dealing with off-the-field problems, and he was active throughout the whole game even though he didn't quite find the way to really hurt Bayern Munich going forward. He also made it very clear to everybody watching that Alphonso Davies is an incredible player that can make you dance for while in all sorts of ways.

5 - Marquinhos: Started injured and left the field (more) injured after just 35 minutes of enduring back and rib pain. You can say that he shouldn't have started, of course, but who would have done so in that case? Not good, not bad, just there for 30 minutes doing what he does best captaining PSG through a 0-0 until he left. Played a bit ahead of the pairing of Danilo (to the left) and Sergio Ramos (to the right) in more of a pivot position and closer to Verratti.

6 - Ramos: Hidden once more in the deepest position of the three-man defensive line, the Spaniard went through the game without experiencing much defensive trouble. The couple of times he had to track back running he struggled, as has been the case all year because he's hella old. That said, he put on a solid performance and even had a chance of reliving his best Real Madrid/Champions League moments with a superb header 65 minutes into the game stopped by Yann Sommer.

5 - Nuno Mendes: Facing Kingsley Coman is never an easy task, and it showed. Didn't have a single chance of attacking Bayern as the team was incredibly incompetent as a unit going forward.

7 - Danilo: Stout and decisive in the defensive zone for PSG, he never hesitated, played solid D, stayed cool, calm, and collected, and perhaps had the best game among all Parisiens to grace the Allianz Arena on Wednesday. Once more playing makeshift CB while moving deeper from his natural DM role, he still delivered the goodies. The haters will keep telling you he's only good at passing laterally and standing on the pitch without doing much if anything at all. Don't believe them, they're just a doofus.

(Sub) NR - Mukiele: Disappointing in that he didn't really have enough time to do much. He was banged up entering the game, was forced into the pitch with Marquinhos going down injured, and couldn't endure the Achilles pain after getting hurt last weekend, ultimately getting subbed off at the halftime break. Sucks.

(Sub) 5 - Bitshiabu: Not bad for what could have been as the game was developing, even more with Bayern taking the lead shortly after the break. The youngster didn't put himself in perilous positions, and although he passed the ball to Verratti in what led to Bayern's goal you can't really blame him for making that decision. The Italian screwed it up, not Bitshiabu.

(Sub) NR - Bernat: Tiny cameo entering the pitch by the 82nd minute. You probably didn't even notice his presence on the field.