Bayern inching closer to seal the deal for the aquisition of Harry Kane

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As the transfer window approaches its end in just over a month, there are significant developments surrounding Harry Kane's potential move of late regarding a potential meeting with the honchos of Bayern Munich on the first week of August.

While PSG have been closely tracking the English striker, recent reports indicate that he is now much closer to joining Bayern Munich.

This news and a final agreement between the Tottenham player and Bayern would lead PSG to consider alternatives to improve their offensive sector, with at least two expected recruits: a top-level center-forward and a polyvalent winger.

The names of Harry Kane, Bradley Barcola, and Ousmane Dembele have dominated discussions, but the focus remains on Kane's potential departure as the highest-profile player among those three. Kane is, also, the biggest long-shot for PSG to end up snatching.

Bayern Munich emerged as PSG's main competitor in the pursuit of Kane, and they are eager to secure the services of the 30-year-old Tottenham top scorer in the coming weeks with the England international favoring a move to Germany over joining PSG.

The German club seems prepared to go to great lengths to make this happen and is reportedly ready to pay a significant sum to buy out the last year of Kane's contract, which runs through June 2024.

According to The Daily Mail, a new offer "in he region of approximately €87m" has been presented to the Spurs by Bayern, which reportedly "comes close to meeting Tottenham's requirements," said to be "set at slightly over €100m."

Negotiations are ongoing between both clubs and a crucial summit meeting was planned by both sides for the start of this week where both parties aim to find common ground. The signs are positive, with indications suggesting that an agreement is well within reach.

Adding to the prospects of a potential move, Harry Kane has reportedly given his approval to join the reigning German champions, Bayern Munich.

If PSG whiff on landing Kane, they will then move on to other lower-profile players such as Ousmane Dembele of Barcelona and Bradley Barcola of Olympique Lyon, although it is unclear if the French champions will try to sign both forwards or if they would just attempt to secure the signature of only one of them.

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