Arsene Wenger discusses the similarities between Kylian Mbappe and Thierry Henry


Former Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger spoke to L'Equipe about the similarities between Kylian Mbappe and the legendary Thierry Henry, whom he coached during his Gunner days.

According to Wenger, both forwards have a similar background and common habits on the pitch. Wenger also admitted that Mbappe "adapts very well to different situations" and that the PSG youngster "can make decisions in moments of tension".

“Yes, there are many similarities. Thierry also played on the left when he started," pointed out the experienced coach.

"I see that Kylian, as he did in his first goal against Poland, is adjusting to the goalkeepers moving to the open side, so he's able to shoot to the other side".

Arsene Wenger: "Like with all great players, you get the impression that it's easy for Kylian Mbappe to play football"

"Like all great players, you get the impression that it's easy for him to play football, and that he decides when he will make a difference," he concluded.

They're both fast, they understand football, they're smart players, and there's a connection, that's for sure. But they are definitely not the same.

Henry made the teams he played for happy, successful, and had a great career. Mbappe started stronger, but we will have to cross the finish line before we're able to compare them.

They have that ability to open their foot to score, a lethal move that Henry used as his signature. Mbappe tries more things, but he tends to look less frequently for that side going instead for the opposite side.

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One thing is clear, and that's that in the field, they have the ability to make decisions in a hurry and in the moment as if they stopped time to choose the best option. Henry already forged his legend but Kylian Mbappe is assuredly going to follow him closely.