Are PSG in danger of not qualifying for the knockout stages of the Champions League?


Despite the 4-1 setback at St James' Park, PSG managed to avoid a significant dip in Group F standings, capitalizing on AC Milan and Dortmund's goalless draw. That is, perhaps, the only positive news coming out of St James' Park on Wednesday.

Initially dubbed the "group of death," PSG faced a tough challenge but honestly they remain in contention for qualification.

The defeat against Newcastle served as a reminder of the uncertainties in this group. AC Milan's consecutive draws and Dortmund's first point in the campaign contribute to a balanced scenario in Group F following MD2.

As it stands, PSG has three points from the first day but slept to second place, with Newcastle leading the way with four points. AC Milan holds third place with two points, and Dortmund is at the bottom with one point.

Looking ahead, PSG is set to host AC Milan at Parc des Princes on October 25, while Dortmund will face Newcastle at St James' Park on the same date.

The upcoming fixtures will play a crucial role in shaping the fate of the teams in this competitive group with half of the games already played by the end of the next match day.