Al Hilal confirm Neymar's torn ACL and Meniscus injury, out for the year

Uruguay v Brazil  - FIFA World Cup 2026 Qualifier
Uruguay v Brazil - FIFA World Cup 2026 Qualifier / Guillermo Legaria/GettyImages

The worst possibility became a reality with Al Hilal confirming Neymar's worst fears: the Brazilian superstar and former PSG player suffered a ruptured anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) along with a tear of the meniscus, ruling him out for the next year.

This unfortunate injury, one in an endless string of health issues suffered by the Brazil international throughout his career, happened during the Uruguay vs. Brazil played earlier this week.

The 31-year-old is expected to be off the field for an extended period of time, as is usually the case when these injuries happen.

Following years of struggles with a troublesome right ankle, Neymar now faces a significant setback with his left knee, but it's going to be harder and harder for him to make a comeback if only because of aging.

The injury, resulting from a seemingly incidental contact, was examined a day after the game and the MRI results confirmed the severity of the situation with a multiple ligament injury.

Neymar's season is effectively over, and the likelihood of his participation in the 2024 Copa America next summer appears to be highly in doubt now.