Al Arabi want to complete Marco Verratti's transfer through next week

Paris Saint-Germain v FC Internazionale - Preseason Friendly
Paris Saint-Germain v FC Internazionale - Preseason Friendly / Shi Tang/GettyImages

After weeks of waiting, it seems that Marco Verratti's move to Qatar may finally see the light of day in the coming week. However, there are still some loose ends to tie up on the player's end pertaining to his contract with Al Arabi.

Despite earlier speculations of a move to Saudi Arabia during the summer, it appears that Verratti, aged 30, is now set to continue his career in Qatar.

The midfielder, who has played the second-most games in the history of PSG with 416 matches (only behind Marquinhos with 411), is not in the plans of the club's management. In fact, he hasn't even been registered for the Champions League group stage squad on a clear sign of his departure.

Al Arabi, based in the homeland of PSG's majority shareholder--QSI--will be the final club of Verratti's career unless he moves from it in a few years once again.

A deal has been in place between the two clubs for some time, with an estimated transfer fee of approximately €50m. According to football insider Fabrizio Romano, the Qatari club is aiming to wrap up the transfer "by next week."

While RMC reported a few days ago that Verratti had accepted the notion of moving to the small emirate of Qatar, this information has not been corroborated by other sources as the negotiations between the player and Al Arabi are still ongoing.

Romano pointed out that there are still some details to be ironed out on the player's side. The Qatari officials have a bit of leeway, as the local transfer window doesn't close until September 18, contrary to the already-closed European window.

In the meantime, Marco Verratti has been spotted in Paris in recent days, as he awaits the finalization of his transfer, and also denying earlier reports talking about his presence in Qatar of late.

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