Agreement between Mallorca and PSG for Kang-In Lee hanging on the balance

Kang In Lee
Kang In Lee / Soccrates Images/GettyImages

PSG is making significant moves to strengthen its squad, particularly in the attacking department, and one player on their radar is Kang-In Lee from Mallorca. However, discussions between the two clubs have hit a roadblock judging by the latest reports.

According to several sources revealing the same information throughout the past seven days, Kang-In Lee, the 22-year-old attacking midfielder from Mallorca, has been approached by PSG management and was seemingly on the verge of signing a deal with Paris Saint-Germain.

However, according to the latest information from Sport, the deal is currently at a standstill because of a clash of opinions on the valuation of the player by Mallorca and PSG.

Lee's contract with Mallorca runs until 2025, and the South Korea international can just pick his new team ahead of next season with Mallorca having to agree to a fee first.

As Sport's sources have it, there's an obstacle in the negotiations both PSG and Mallorca will need to clear before the negotiations for Lee can advance: the transfer fee.

Mallorca wants to maximize the value of their player and the Spanish side is seemingly asking for €22m. However, PSG consider that price a bit too high and are not willing to exceed €15m for this transfer.

Sport reports that PSG have also attempted to include a player in the deal, but so far they have not been able to convince Mallorca of taking that route instead of getting paid a higher fee straight for the services of Lee.

This is definitely something unexpected in a saga that just a few days ago seemed to be over with the arrival of Lee at PSG pretty much wrapped up, sealed, and delivered.

It remains to be seen if the different parties can find common ground for Kang-In Lee's transfer, although it's fair to assume that minnows from Mallorca will end up surrendering to the superpowers of PSG and allow them to get Lee for a slightly lower fee than they are demanding if only to get a saucy transfer fee into their bank account and to strike a deal when the iron is hot.

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