3 Talking Points from PSG's 1-2 last-minute win over Brest

Kylian Mbappe scores a last-minute goal for PSG at Brest
Kylian Mbappe scores a last-minute goal for PSG at Brest / LOIC VENANCE/GettyImages
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2. Do the superstars of PSG care about this season anymore?

If this was the last game of the season, with the Ligue 1 title already in the bag, the first place secured, and nothing else in play, then what happened yesterday (perhaps) would be understandable.

With more than 10 games still left to play and in the schedule (and even with more than three games worth of points above second-place Olympique Marseille) some of the players kicking balls around at Brest on Saturday seemed to give little to no damn at all about the match. Which is, obviously, unacceptable.

Lionel Messi won't start running all of a sudden after not doing so from Dec. 20 on, but if all he's going to do is attempt (and complete, it must be said) an assist through 90 minutes of play while doing (little) cardio, then he should start looking for a home in Miami or wherever he'd like to play next year.

Marco Verratti's no-show type of outing was surprising, in that he seemed lost and totally disintirested in trying to come up with solutions and alternatives to help solve PSG's offensive woes.

Kylian Mbappe was frustrated after doing nothing for 85 minutes, kicked an opponent late in an action that should have seen him sent off, but ultimately ended up scoring the game-winning goal to appear in all newspaper covers today as the man who lifted PSG, won them another game, scored the 3,000th goal in the top-flight history of the club!

To hell with that. The season might be over (it is over, let's be honest) and it's just a matter of (short) time before PSG lifts their record-breaking 11th Ligue 1 title. From that to not caring at all, there is a loooong bridge that should not be crossed. Alas.