3 Talking Points from PSG's 0-2 win over Nice, including Galtier, Ramos, and Mbappe futures

Sergio Ramos, PSG
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Sergio Ramos
Sergio Ramos, PSG / Jean Catuffe/GettyImages

2. Don't get fooled: Sergio Ramos is a patch, not a mid-term solution

I was listening to the TV commentators on Saturday's broadcast of the PSG vs. Nice game and I couldn't believe what I was hearing.

The plaudits couldn't be counted when it came to praising Sergio Ramos and giving him his flowers (and then some). Why is he not in the Spain national team? Why is he not valued higher in Paris by the club and the supporters? Why is PSG thinking about not signing him to an extension?

To all of that, the simple answers are: he's closer to 40 years old than he's to even 35, he's just a backup player these days with limited physical abilities, and he's not worth the money he's seeminly asking for.

The folks on the booth even said that "Milan Skriniar will only arrive in Paris to strengthen the defense, but not to lead it," adding that "if Sergio Ramos goes, PSG will miss him as they will lose a starter." Yeah, alright.

First of all, Marquinhos and Skriniar will be the starting CBs in a two-man line next season. Second, if whoever arrives to manage PSG opts for a three-man defense, then it'll be Marquinhos, Skriniar, and Kimpembe/Danilo. Third, if any of those three gets injured then maybe (only maybe) Ramos finds a way to making the starting XI.

Ramos might keep scoring goals, leading the team with his brain, and keeping things tight and teammates together. That's fantastic. That's also a bench/locker-room type of player and glue-guy more than an actual on-the-field performer.

Ramos is washed. Ramos is physically incapable of keeping up with younger players, and only when PSG dominates and opposing teams sit back and play a low-block type of formation he looks good out there. The minute he hast to sprint back, Ramos gets cooked and burnt.

If he's willing to pay for a minimum wage, he can stay in Paris for as many seasons as he pleases. If he's going to bitch and raise the payroll, he can go join Cristiano Ronaldo is Saudi Arabia.